Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


2009 Spring Meeting of Participants

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group 2009 Spring Meeting of Participants is scheduled for 30 April - 3 May at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.

As has been done the last couple of years, supported (i.e., funded) and non-supported (i.e., non-funded) invitations were sent by email. Invitations included your Attendee ID number which you will need for on-line registration. If you are NOT planning to attend, you are able to indicate that as well through the on-line registration utility, and we encourage you to do so.

Centre Nominations
Nominations lists have been received at Central Office and individual nominations are being emailed to invitees. If you are not able to attend, you should notify your Centre Representative or Contact CRA as soon as possible as there may still be time to find a replacement.

Meeting Information
Travel and hotel information, a draft Schedule of Events, and our meetings policies, including the Invitation Policy, Registration Policy, and Travel Reimbursement Policy, can all be found on the Spring Meeting 2009 website ...

In particular:
-- hotel reservations must be made by 3 April. Our conference room rate at the Delta Chelsea Hotel is $164/night. Rates may be higher after 3 April, and you should note that we will reimburse accommodation costs up to $164/night only.
-- please check the on-line Schedule of Events regularly. Meetings are added periodically, and there are instances when meetings are moved.
-- agendas are posted as they are received from individual committees, and are often finalized only days prior to the meeting. Agendas for OPEN meetings only will be available.

Spring Meeting Book
As mentioned in the 27 February 2009 Bulletin, we will no longer be producing a paper meeting book. The trial reports will be available on the website shortly before Spring Meeting. We will be notifying all Spring Meeting participants where they can find these meeting reports closer to the meeting date.

If you have any Spring Meeting questions or problems, please contact Anne Biggar at