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Funding to Centres

Funding to Centres

Individual notices have been going out to centres as new funding amounts are made available. We thought it would be helpful to summarize the new amounts which are being paid out to centres.

1. Increase in regular per case funding amounts for NCIC grant funded trials

Phase III: WAS: $3,500 for first case and $3,000 for subsequent cases
NOW: $4,000 for first case and $3,500 for subsequent cases

Phase II: WAS: $4,500 for first case and $4,000 for subsequent cases
NOW: $5,000 for first case and $4,500 for subsequent cases

Phase I: WAS: $6,500 for first case and $6,000 for subsequent cases
NOW: $7,000 for first case and $6,500 for subsequent cases

As of May 1, 2008, we increased the amount of per case funding for NCIC grant funded trials. These amounts are paid through the standard per case funding mechanism. Cases are funded after Form 1 and applicable documentation have been received and reviewed by study teams. Our per case funding programs run every two months and picks up all cases approved for funding during that period.

2. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) additional funding

For Canadian Cancer Trials Group member centres enrolling patients onto EDC studies:

$7,500 after first patient enrolled on first study

$2,500 after first patient enrolled on second study

Maximum $10,000 available per centre

These payments are intended to help centres get up and running with the new Rave EDC system. These payments will be made to centres at the same time as the standard per case funding payments are made.

3. NCI US Grant Funded studies

Complexity funding:

CTEP and the cooperative groups have developed a Tier Complexity system to rate NCI US funded studies for their complexity. As protocols are submitted to CTEP for review, CTEP will assign a complexity score. Each year, CTEP will review its budget, and dependent upon available funds, may provide additional funding to selected studies with a high complexity score.

This year (2008), 14 studies were chosen to receive the additional funding at $1,000 USD above the standard $2,000 USD per case. Two open CTSU menu studies, endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, are included: PRC.3 (CALGB 90203) and BRC.5 (CALGB 14053). Notices have been posted on the website and sent to centres participating on these studies.

CTSU funding:

Member centres who enroll cases through Canadian Cancer Trials Group onto CTSU menu studies (those study ID's with a three letter code ending in 'C' , for example MAC.11 or SRC.5) will receive $2,000 USD per case. Other amounts are provided on a study by study basis. For example, payments for quality of life, and/or follow up, may be paid for a particular study.

This funding comes to Canadian Cancer Trials Group/Queen's directly from CTSU. We then pay out in Canadian equivalent dollars to centres. This is done every month.

Funding for follow up of patients on NCI US grant funded studies:

In our new NCI US grant, we have been awarded $50 per case follow up per year for cases enrolled on these grant funded studies. These payments are to be paid out for cases being followed as of August 1, 2008. A mechanism for making these payments is currently under development. Payments will be made beginning in the new year (2009).

Other monies from Lead Group:

Additional funding is sometimes available from a Lead Group for studies which we join as a participating group. Generally, these are industry funds that were made available to the Lead Group, which are passed on to participating groups and their centres.

It is often not known at the time of activation that these funds are available. When we receive money from a Lead Group, we pay these amounts of manually to centres with a letter of explanation. There is no set payment schedule for these ad hoc amounts.

4. Per Case Funding Reports and Amounts

We are working on a web page for the private section of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website which will list the amount of funding available, by date, by trial, and other types of funding available. We expect this to be available by Spring Meeting 2009

If you have any questions at all, about per case or other types of funding, please not hesitate to contact myself or LeeAnne Howland ( in the Central Office. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

Belinda Vandersluis, Operations Director

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