Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


E-Fillable Participant List and Participant List Change Form

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Participant List and Participant List Change Form are now available in a new e-fillable format. These forms are printable and can also be filled out by hand, if preferable. Trials centrally activated after today will use these new forms. Trials that have been centrally activated in the last few months may also use this new form. Please check trial websites for a copy of the trial-specific participants list.

The distinction between the two forms:

The Participant List is submitted at the time your centre is locally activated for a trial. Any change in trial staff taking place after local activation should be submitted using the Participant List Change Form. As new trials start up, a trial-specific version of the Participant List will be posted on the trial website. Please always refer to the trial website for a copy of the trial- specific Participant List or contact the trial team. A generic copy will not be made available.

The Participant List Change Form is a non-trial specific form and may be used for all trials. The change form is available on trial websites and also at

You will see that instructions have also been included with the e-fillable versions. Please always refer to the Guidance for Investigators policy to see which duties can be delegated by the Principal Investigator.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Debbie Soroka at 613 533-6430 or by email at