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CRA Steering Group Subcommittee seeks TWO volunteers

Canadian Cancer Trials Group CRA Steering Group Subcommittee is seeking TWO volunteers to sit as a Member-at-Large committee member and Communications Liaison committee member.

The term of a CRA volunteer is three years. Members may renew their term by one year if a CRA volunteer is not successfully recruited to their position. To be considered a CRA, volunteers must be listed on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Participant List(s) as a PCRA, ACRA, or ECRA. CRAs must work on studies coordinated by Canadian Cancer Trials Group an estimated 1/5 of a full-time equivalent (one day/week) and have a working knowledge of them. Other considerations may include geographical or Francophone representation, education and experience, communication skills, including public speaking ability, and number of previous and/or consecutive committee memberships.

Candidates will be asked to complete:

1) a volunteer information form, and
2) a confirmation of centre support

For a detailed description of the roles and responsibilities for both positions, and for the CRA Steering Group Terms of Reference for Membership and Meeting expectations, please go to the CRA Homepage on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website at

If you wish to volunteer, please email LeeAnne Howland, Office Administrator, who will send you the forms noted above. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact LeeAnne at

You can make a difference by participating on this subcommittee.