Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Fall Meeting -- Fall Strategic Retreat

This year's Fall Meeting will be a special one-time forum where important issues that face the Group as a whole, our Scientific Committees, and our member centres will be addressed. Attendance is limited to only those invited. Please see the 2008 Fall Strategic Retreat Invitation Policy ( for more information.

The need for such a meeting is prompted by:

1. The responses from our recent NCI Site Visit and the upcoming NCIC Site Review in 2009-2010;
2. Our need to properly prioritize and align our strategic agenda with our resources so that the strategic agenda can be best implemented;
3. The need to include a process to understand how our member centres prioritize and operationalize our strategic agenda and what resources are necessary in order to do so; and,
4. The need to understand the various perspectives of individual Disease Site and other Scientific Committees with respect to all of the above.

In comparison with previous Fall Meetings, we would not be inviting Study Chairs who are not members of the executives, disease site working groups and, for this year only, would not extend invitations to those who are otherwise not funded.

Anne Biggar, our Meetings Coordinator, will be sending out invitations to this meeting soon. The meeting is being held October 24-26 2008 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto.

If you have questions about this, please contact Anne at