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Another successful New Investigators Course at CCTG

Earlier this month, new trial investigators from across the country arrived in Kingston to take part in a two and a half day training course. Developed by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG), the course is unique in Canada and aimed at fellows or junior faculty interested in cancer clinical research in the fields of medical, radiation, and surgical oncology. The interactive curriculum familiarizes new investigators with the essentials of phase I, II and III trial design and conduct.

Over sixty new investigators participated in sessions on biomarkers and laboratory aspects of correlative biology, fundamentals of statistics in clinical trials, quality of life and economic analysis methodology. They also covered aspects of clinical trial conduct such as data management, investigator roles, and responsibilities, guidelines for interactions with regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies.

CCTG is committed to engaging with the next generation of clinical cancer researchers and maintaining the high profile of Canadian investigators in the international cancer research field.

New Investigators Clinical Trials Course 2017