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The Conversation launches in Canada

The Conversation Canada recently launched as an innovative model of journalism: one that relies on academic expertise, and allows researchers to write about current events, topical issues, and their own research on a range of subjects.

The Conversation Canada is free to use, and content from the platform is shared with news organizations from coast-to-coast-to-coast via The Canadian Press newswire service. Scott White, formerly the editor-in-chief of The Canadian Press, has been tapped as The Conversation Canada's first editor.

"I believe the primary role of good journalism is to provide the public with factual information about the world they live in so they can, in turn, make informed decisions about important issues in their lives," says Mr. White. "The model of The Conversation is that it combines the deep knowledge of academics with the ability of journalists to convey information to a broad audience."

To learn more about The Conversation Canada, and register as a contributor, visit: