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News story on a study looking at pregnancy for breast cancer patients

A recent Associated Press story discussed the published research on breast cancer and pregnancy. The article also touched on what is next, mentioning the current international POSITIVE study. In Canada CCTG is still enrolling patients in the MAC.18 trial for breast cancer patients who are considering pregnancy. The article and the current study are detailed below.

Study finds pregnancy seems safe for breast cancer survivors
A study gives reassuring news for breast cancer survivors who want to have children. Those who later became pregnant were no more likely to have their cancer come back than those who did not have a baby.

It's a big issue -- the average age of moms has been rising in the United States, and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer in their childbearing years. About 11 per cent of new breast cancer cases in the U.S. are in women under 45. Read more:

CCTG still recruiting patients for MAC.18

MAC.18 is a study evaluating the Pregnancy Outcomes and Safety of Interrupting Endocrine Therapy for young women with Endocrine Responsive Breast Cancer who desire pregnancy. Young breast cancer patients often face the disease before having addressed their family planning: they may not have time to wait for 5-10 years of treatment completion before considering pregnancy.

For more information on MAC.18: