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Wong KM, Ding K, Li S, Bradbury P, Tsao MS, Der SD, Shepherd FA, Chung C, Ng R, Seymour L, Leighl NB. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Using the JBR.10-Based 15-Gene Expression Signature to Guide Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Early Stage Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (ONLINE). Clin Lung Cancer 2016.

Adjuvant chemotherapy (ACT) improved survival in the CCTG JBR.10 trial of resected stage IB/II non-small-cell lung cancer. A prognostic 15-gene expression signature was developed, which may also predict for benefit from ACT. An exploratory economic analysis was conducted to assess the potential cost-effectiveness of using the 15-gene signature in guiding ACT decisions.

The authors concluded that, if validated, the use of the 15-gene expression signature to select patients for ACT may increase the survival gain of treatment in patients with high-risk stage IB/II non-small-cell lung cancer, while avoiding toxicities in low-risk patients.

De Ruysscher D, Lueza B, Le P?choux C, Johnson DH, O'Brien M, Murray N, Spiro S, Wang X, Takada M, Lebeau B, Blackstock W, Skarlos D, Baas P, Choy H, Price A, Seymour L, Arriagada R, Pignon JP. Impact of thoracic radiotherapy timing in limited-stage small-cell lung cancer: usefulness of the individual patient data meta-analysis (ONLINE). Ann Oncol 2016.