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Recent Publication

A recent publication used MA.17 data to retrospectively explore the relationship between diabetes and other related co-morbidities on prognosis and the predictive effect of extended letrozole treatment after tamoxifen.


- Women with breast cancer and diabetes mellitus (DM) have poorer survival. Mechanisms include insulin dysregulation and/or DM related co-morbidities. In MA.17, adjuvant letrozole (LET) after 5 years of tamoxifen (TAM) reduced the risk of recurrence and improved survival.
- Diabetes was neither prognostic nor predictive for women on extended LET.
- Women with co-morbidities who remain disease free after 5 years of TAM should be offered LET. Hypertension trended towards a negative prognosticator and outcomes among this group were improved on LET. More studies are needed to assess impact of adrenergic stimulation as a possible link to poorer breast cancer outcomes.

Goodwin RA, Jamal R, Booth CM, Goss PE, Eisenhauer EA, Tu D, Shepherd LE. Prognostic and predictive effects of diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease among women on extended adjuvant letrozole: NCIC CTG MA.17. Eur J Can 58: 97-103, 2016.