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Canadian Cancer Trials Group IND.214 In the News

Canadian Cancer Trials Group is currently conducting IND.214, a clinical trial of a novel investigational therapy that uses a combination of two viruses to attack and kill cancer cells and stimulate an anti-cancer immune response.

The trial, along with the researchers involved in developing the therapy, Dr. Derek Jonker, Principal Investigator, and Dr. Janet Dancey, Director of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, were all featured in a media event held at the Ottawa Hospital on Friday, July 10. A patient participating on the trial was the highlight.

The therapy was jointly discovered and is being developed by David Stojdl (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, University of Ottawa), Brian Lichty (McMaster University) and John Bell (The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa), and their respective research teams and colleagues. The clinical trial, which is funded by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and co-ordinated and supported by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, a national program of the Canadian Cancer Society, is expected to enroll up to 79 patients at four participating centres across Canada -- Ottawa Hospital, Juravinski Cancer Centre, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and BCCA Vancouver. Up to 24 patients will receive one of the viruses and the rest will receive both, two weeks apart.

"The Canadian Cancer Trials Group is very pleased to conduct this trial, which offers a potential new therapeutic approach for cancer patients that has been developed by Canadian researchers," said Dr. Janet Dancey, Director, Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Previous research by this team and others worldwide suggests that this approach could be very powerful, and could have fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy and radiation, although it will take years to rigorously test through this trial and others.

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