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Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.3 (MRC PR07) - Intergroup Phase III Randomized Trial Comparing Total Androgen Blockade Versus Total Androgen Blockade Plus Pelvic Irradiation in Clinical Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR3 (MRC PR07) randomized phase III trial compared androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) alone versus ADT with radiotherapy (RT) for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer. The interim analysis, at median follow-up of 6.0 years, showed that the addition of RT to ADT significantly affected overall survival (Warde P, Mason M, Ding K, Kirkbride P, Brundage M, Cowan R, Gospodarowicz M, Sanders K, Kostashuk E, Swanson G, Barber J, Hiltz A, Parmar MK, Sathya J, Anderson J, Hayter C, Hetherington J, Sydes MR, Parulekar W, for the Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.3/MRC UK PR07 investigators: Combined androgen deprivation therapy and radiation therapy for locally advanced prostate cancer: a randomised, phase 3 trial. The Lancet 2011; 378(9809):2104-2111.)

The purpose of this study was to provide a detailed description of the patient-reported outcomes of this trial and their relationship to treatment-related toxicity outcomes in order to further inform clinical decision-making regarding the risks and benefits of RT as provided from the patients' perspective. The authors found that the addition of RT to ADT for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer significantly improved overall survival and had only modest and transient negative impact on relevant domains of HRQOL.

Brundage M, Sydes MR, Parulekar WR, Warde P, Cowan R, Bezjak A, Kirkbride P, Parliament M, Moynihan C, Bahary JP, Parmar MKB, Sanders K, Chen BE, Mason MD. Impact of Radiotherapy When Added to Androgen-Deprivation Therapy for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer: Long-Term Quality-of-Life Outcomes From the Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR3/MRC PR07 Randomized Trial. J Clin Oncol 33: 2151-7, 2015.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group IND.195 - A Phase II Study of SB939 in Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

SB939 is a potent oral inhibitor of class 1, 2, and 4 histone deacetylases (HDACs). These three HDAC classes are highly expressed in castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and associated with poor clinical outcomes. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the tolerability and clinical activity of SB939 in patients with CRPC. The authors found that although SB939 was tolerable at the dose/schedule given and showed declines in circulating tumour cells in the majority of evaluable patients, it did not show sufficient activity based on PSA response rate to warrant further study as a single agent in unselected patients with CRPC.

Eigl BJ, North S, Winquist E, Finch D, Wood L, Sridhar SS, Powers J, Good J, Sharma M, Squire JA, Bazov J, Jamaspishvili T, Cox ME, Bradbury PA, Eisenhauer EA, Chi KN. A phase II study of the HDAC inhibitor SB939 in patients with castration resistant prostate cancer: NCIC clinical trials group study IND195. Invest New Drugs 33: 969-76, 2015.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group MA.5 - Cooperative Clinical Trial of Intensive CEF versus Standard CMF as Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Carcinoma in Premenopausal Patients With Histologically Involved Axillary Nodes

Canadian Cancer Trials Group MA.12 - Double-Blind Randomized Trial of Tamoxifen versus Placebo in Patients with Node Positive or High Risk Node Negative Breast Cancer Who Have Completed CMF, CEF, or AC Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Cheang MCU, Martin M, Nielsen TO, Prat A, Voduc D, Rodriguez-Lescure A, Ruiz A, Chia S, Shepherd L, Ruiz-Borrego M, Calvo L, Alba E, Carrasco E, Caballero R, Tu D, Pritchard KI, Levine MN, Bramwell VH, Parker J, Bernard PS, Ellis MJ, Perou CM, Di Leo A, Carey LA. Defining Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtypes by Quantitative Receptor Expression. The Oncologist 20: 474-82, 2015.