Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


RIPPLE? It's Coming!

What is RIPPLE anyway???

The Roster Interface Program & Participants List Environment (RIPPLE) is a single electronic system which permits:
  • Member account registration and administration including account approval by designated cancer centre personnel (i.e. no paper submission or processing by CTG);
  • Submission of qualification documents (e.g. CV) and other training/credentialing documents (e.g. NIH training) and ability to review at Central Office;
  • Participant List (PL) collection and administration including all Qualified Investigator (QI) approval of PL additions and removals;
  • Built-in supporting notifications and reminders;
  • Member accounts and PLs administered by authorized centre staff called Remote Roster Administrators (RRAs); and
  • Participants List changes which may also be made by staff designated as Participant List Administrators (PLAs).

When Will This Affect You and How Will You Learn More About It?
  • It is anticipated that RIPPLE will be implemented on April 28, 2014 including:
    • the member account registration/administration for all Canadian Cancer Trials Group members; and,
    • MA.32 Participants Lists ? with other trials to follow shortly thereafter.
  • It is anticipated that training sessions for RIPPLE will occur during the weeks of April 14 and 21, 2014 (as well as at the CRA session at Spring Meeting) in preparation for the RIPPLE roll-out on April 28. Confirmation of dates/times/access will be sent soon.
  • Further information about the RRA roles/responsibilities and nominations for centre RRAs is included elsewhere in this Bulletin and the RRA designation form can also be found at:

  • How will this link with our new Policy for Investigator Credentialing and reference document for Participants List & Qualified Investigator Delegation of Duties?
    • This policy and reference document will be fully implemented at the same time as the RIPPLE roll-out for both trials in RIPPLE and those requiring paper PL/PLCF submissions.
    • Key changes include replacing Principal Investigator (PI) with Qualified Investigator (QI) and Additional Investigator (AI) and Clinical Investigator (CI) with Sub-Investigator (SI).
    • The policy further clarifies involvement with Oncology Fellows, GPOs and Acute Care Nurse Practitioners.
    • The reference document provides updated requirements for permissible QI delegation of significant trial-related duties.
    • Updated PL and PLCF documents will be posted to all trial webpages and should be used beginning April 28, 2014 for all trials. Previous versions of PLs/PLCFs will be accepted only until May 16, 2014.
    • Information on previously submitted PL/PLCFs based on the old policy will be moved into the Canadian Cancer Trials Group database and will reflect new terminology/roles/duties.