Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


New Remote Roster Administrator Role for RIPPLE

The Roster Interface Program & Participants List Environment (RIPPLE), Canadian Cancer Trials Group's new electronic web-based system for Canadian Cancer Trials Group membership accounts and Participant List management, will be implemented at the end of April. This new system will require each Canadian Cancer Trials Group member centre to assign personnel to the Remote Roster Administrator (RRA) role. The RRA will be authorized to make or approve changes to their centre's roster or trial Participants Lists in RIPPLE. Each site must designate a minimum of 2 RRAs to ensure coverage at the centre. The maximum number a centre can have is 3.

What tasks are the RRA required to do?

The RRA will be required to approve new membership account requests in RIPPLE. When a new membership account is requested, the RRA at the centre affiliated with the request will receive an email asking them to verify that the person is affiliated with the centre.

RRAs can also:
  • Add and remove Canadian Cancer Trials Group membership accounts for personnel affiliated with their centre.
  • View the membership account information (except passwords) for members affiliated with their centre.
  • Edit the contact information for any members affiliated with their centre.
  • Upload documentation (e.g. CVs) for any member affiliated with their centre.
  • Create and edit trial Participants List for their centre.

Is the RRA responsible for maintaining all trial Participants Lists at their institution?

The RRA can select additional personnel at their centre to function as Participant List Administrators (PLAs). PLAs will have permission to create and edit Participants Lists for specific trials. The assignment of PLAs is done within RIPPLE and can be updated locally as needed.

Are there any additional responsibilities for the RRA?

The RRA at a centre may receive email notifications regarding membership or trial participation list issues at their centre (e.g. if a mandatory role such as Qualified Investigator [QI] is missing).

How is someone assigned to the RRA role?

To select or change the RRA(s) at your centre, please complete the RRA Designation Form found at The completed form, when signed and dated by both the new RRA(s) and Centre Representative, should be submitted to the Roster Office at Canadian Cancer Trials Group.

What are the credentialing requirements for the RRA?

The RRA must have an active Canadian Cancer Trials Group membership account and, prior to their first action in RIPPLE, they should complete the confidentiality attestation in RIPPLE.

As all member account registrations and administration will be implemented in RIPPLE for all Canadian Cancer Trials Group Canadian centres/members (in addition to MA.32 Participants Lists) effective April 28, 2014, an RRA Designation Form should be completed and submitted to Canadian Cancer Trials Group by April 11, 2014 for all centres.

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