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Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 Higlighted by the Canadian Cancer Society

A recent Canadian Cancer Society publication, "Fighting for Life", highlights the results of Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 -- A Phase III Study of Radiotherapy or ABVD plus Radiotherapy versus ABVD Alone in the Treatment of Early Stage Hodgkin's Disease.

The story, called "Avoiding side effects, staying healthy" features a mother of two who was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma when she was 19. Now, almost 30 years later, she is dealing with the side effects of the 20 rounds of radiation that helped to cure her of the disease, including a benign tumour removed from her vocal chord, skin cancer on her neck and shoulder, and precancerous cells in her breast.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, HD.6 trial chair, says "Our trial, which followed patients for 17 years, showed that chemotherapy had fewer long-term side effects and was better than the standard treatment used previously, which included extensive radiation. Hodgkin lymphoma is a disease of younger patients and it's highly curable, so where the patient is going to be in 30 years really matters."

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