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Spring Meeting 2013 Expense Claim Forms

When sending in your Expense Claim Form, please be sure to read the Travel Policy carefully to help ensure your claims are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Incomplete or inadequate claims will be returned.

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Expense Claim Form

Tips on filling out your claim:

  • Any single expenditure must be supported by an original invoice or like receipt and entered individually on the ECF (i.e. you cannot group all meal expenses together on one line).

  • A maximum daily reimbursement of $71.30 if all meals are eligible for reimbursement (daily maximums: breakfast $15.60, Lunch $14.85 and Dinner $40.85). Delegates should not claim for meals that were provided at the meeting or in the transportation cost. ALCOHOL is not a reimbursable item, so please remove from your receipt and calculate without. If your meal receipt has multiple people on it please claim YOUR portion only (including tax and tip).

  • If you are missing a receipt, please fill out the "Receipt Information" section and list the type and amount of the expense (for missing meal receipts, please indicate that your meal expense did not include any alcohol).

  • Travel Allotment - You will ONLY be reimbursed for the amount you were allotted (unless stated otherwise) and it is to include all modes of transportation and travel costs (i.e. plane, train, automobile, parking, taxis and travel agent fees).

  • Once you have completed your claim, please attach ALL documentation and mail to Anne Biggar at the address below. The address is also located on the online Expense Claim Form, but will not appear on the printed copy. Please DO NOT send your Expense Claim Form electronically unless you are claiming reimbursements that have electronic receipts only (i.e. electronic boarding passes and e-tickets).

  • For additional information on reimbursements, please see Travel Reimbursement Policy.

Expenses will be reimbursed only if you submit a properly completed travel expense claim form accompanied by original documents. Please send within 15 working days after the 2013 Canadian Cancer Trials Group Annual Spring Meeting and no later than 30 June 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Anne Biggar, Meetings and Committees Coordinator
Tel: 613-533-6000 x 77724