Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Leadership of Canadian Cancer Trials Group Genitourinary Site Committee

Dr. Kim Chi, from the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Neil Fleshner, from the University of Toronto, will be the new co-chairs of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Genitourinary (GU) Disease Site Committee. Drs Chi and Fleshner will succeed Dr. Fred Saad, from the University of Montreal, who has chaired the GU Committee since 2007. Drs Fleshner and Chi will also be the co-chairs of the Canadian Urologic Oncology Group (CUOG).

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group and CUOG have held a collaborative relationship since 1998. This relationship has permitted the agenda of both groups to be aligned and forwarded, and has included a common chair for Canadian Cancer Trials Group and CUOG. Previous chairs were Drs Laurence Klotz and Martin Gleave, in addition to Dr. Saad. Earlier this year, and in recognition of the complexities associated with the agenda of both groups and the potential benefits of multidisciplinary leadership, CUOG and Canadian Cancer Trials Group agreed to modify the common chair process. Now, the two groups will collaborate in a process that has each group identifying a chair, with this individual serving as co-chair on the collaborating organization. In this current leadership transition, Canadian Cancer Trials Group identified Dr. Chi and CUOG identified Dr. Fleshner.

Dr. Chi received his MD and completed his training in internal medicine at the University of Ottawa and his residency and fellowship training in medical oncology at the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Cancer Agency. He has been a faculty member at UBC and a staff physician at the BCCA-Vancouver site since 2002 and in July, 2013 will be promoted to Professor. He has been an author of more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, with most relating to therapies for patients with GU cancer. He is perhaps best known for his developmental work of new therapies for patients with prostate cancer, including the agent custirsen. Kim is currently completing his tenure as Chair of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Investigational New Drug Committee.

Dr. Fleshner completed his MD, residency training in urology and fellowship training in urologic oncology at the University of Toronto, and received further training in urologic oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. Neil began his faculty appointment at the University of Toronto in 1997 and is now the Martin Barkin Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery (Urology), Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention, Princess Margaret Hospital and Head of the Division of Urology, University Health Network. He holds multiple peer-review grants, has authored more than 220 peer-review publications, and is well known for his research related to testing strategies to prevent prostate cancer.

During his tenure as Canadian Cancer Trials Group GU Chair, Dr. Fred Saad has successfully led our GU committee through site reviews by NCI/CTEP and the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute. The GU Committee has published important papers, including the results of PR.3 (Lancet, 2011), PRP.1 (J Clin Oncol) and PR.7 (N Engl J Med, 2012). Our committee is in the process of activating two new trials, PR.15 and BL.12, which resulted from Fred┐s oversight and mentorship. We are grateful for the leadership Fred has provided.

These new leadership roles will become effective as of June 1, 2013.