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Recent Publications

Canadian Cancer Trials Group BR.10 - A Phase III Prospective Randomized Study of Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Vinorelbine and Cisplatin in Completely Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Companion Tumour Marker Evaluation

A recent publication by the LACE-Bio collaboration that includes investigators from the four pivotal adjuvant NSCLC trials -- IALT, CALGB 9633, Canadian Cancer Trials Group BR.10, and ANITA -- was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The LACE-Bio (Lung Adjuvant Cisplatin Evaluation) consortium was formed to conduct cross-validation/pooled meta-analyses of biomarkers that each group had identified on collected formalin fixed tumour to confirm their robustness/utility in a larger dataset.

Friboulet L, Olaussen KA, Pignon JP, Shepherd FA, Tsao MS, Graziano S, Kratzke R, Douillard JY, Seymour L, Pirker R, Filipits M, André F, Solary E, Ponsonnailles F, Robin A, Stoclin A, Dorvault N, Commo F, Adam J, Vanhecke E, Saulnier P, Thomale J, Le Chevalier T, Dunant A, Rousseau V, Le Teuff G, Brambilla E, Soria JC. ERCC1 isoform expression and DNA repair in non-small-cell lung cancer. N Engl J Med. 2013 Mar 21;368(12):1101-10.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.8 (SWOG 9346) - Phase III Study of Intermittent Androgen Deprivation in Patients With Stage D2 Prostate Cancer

Hussain M, Tangen CM, Berry DL, Higano CS, Crawford ED, Liu G, Wilding G, Prescott S, Sundaram SK, Small EJ, Dawson NA, Donnelly BJ, Venner PM, Vaishampayan UN, Schellhammer PF, Quinn DI, Raghavan D, Ely B, Moinpour CM, Vogelzang NJ, and Thompson IM, Jr. Intermittent versus Continuous Androgen Deprivation in Prostate Cancer. N Engl J Med 2013; 368:1314-1325.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group CRC.2 (NCCTG 0147) - A Randomized Phase III Trial of Oxaliplatin (OXAL) Plus 5-Fluouracil (5-FU)/Leucovorin (CF) with or without Cetuximab (C225) after Curative Resection for Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer

Phipps AI, Shi Q, Newcomb PA, Nelson GD, Sargent DJ, Alberts SR, Limburg PJ. Associations Between Cigarette Smoking Status and Colon Cancer Prognosis Among Participants in North Central Cancer Treatment Group Phase III Trial N0147 (ONLINE). J Clin Oncol 2013.

Jamal R, Goodwin RA, Tu D, Walsh W, Lacombe D, Eisenhauer EA. Performance of multinomial designs in comparison with response-based designs in non-randomized phase II trials of targeted cancer agents (ONLINE). Ann Oncol 2013.