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Canadian Cancer Trials Group MAC.7 (SWOG0226) -- Phase III Randomized Trial of Anastrozole versus Anastrozole and Fulvestrant as First Line Therapy for Post-Menopausal Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

The final results of Canadian Cancer Trials Group MAC.7 (S0226) published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggest that, for some women with metastatic breast cancer, combining two drugs that work in different ways to disrupt estrogen's ability to fuel cancer growth may delay disease progression and death.

Mehta RS, Barlow WE, Albain KS, Vandenberg TA, Dakhil SR, Tirumali NR, Lew DL, Hayes DF, Gralow JR, Livingston RB, Hortobagyi GN Combination Anastrozole and Fulvestrant in Metastatic Breast Cancer New England Journal of Medicine:367(5):435-444,2012 /

These results were also highlighted in the NCI Cancer Bulletin.


Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 -- A Phase III Study of Radiotherapy or ABVD plus Radiotherapy versus ABVD Alone in the Treatment of Early Stage Hodgkin's Disease

Meyer RM, Hoppe RT. Point/counterpoint: early stage Hodgkin lymphoma: the role of radiation therapy (ONLINE).