Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Two Canadian Cancer Trials Group Investigators Recognized by NCI

Dr. Susan Ellard and Dr. Muhammad Salim were recently recognized by the NCI and CTSU for being two of the top-enrolling individual investigators to Cooperative Group treatment trials via the CTSU in 2010.
  • Dr. Susan Ellard at BCCA-Cancer Center for the Southern Interior - 17 total enrollments
  • Dr. Muhammad Salim at Allan Blair Cancer Centre - 15 total enrollments
The NCI and the CTSU expressed their appreciation for the hard work of Canadian Cancer Trials Group and its investigators in helping to meet the accrual goals of treatment trials across the entire Cooperative Group network.

On behalf of all members of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, we would like to congratulate Drs Ellard and Salim on receiving this award. As you may know, just as US participation is essential to ensure successful completion of phase III clinical trials in Canada, so too is Canadian participation on US cooperative group trials. It is through committed investigators that cancer patients across North America and internationally are able to benefit from the medical advances made possible through the efforts of all cooperative groups.