Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Recent Publications

There were four recent publications -- two related to Canadian Cancer Trials Group CO.14 and CO. 15, another related to Canadian Cancer Trials Group BR.21, and the final results of HD.6 are now in print in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group BR.21 -- A Randomized Placebo Controlled Study of OSI-774 (Tarceva) in Patients with Incurable Stage IIIB/IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Have Failed Standard Therapy for Advanced or Metastatic Disease

Liu G, Cheng D, Ding K, Le Maitre A, Liu N, Patel D, Chen Z, Seymour L, Shepherd FA, Tsao MS. Pharmacogenetic Analysis of BR.21, a Placebo-Controlled Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial of Erlotinib in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. J Thoracic Oncol 7: 316-22, 2012.,_a.8.aspx

Canadian Cancer Trials Group CO.14 (CALGB 9581) -- Phase III Randomized Study of Adjuvant Immunotherapy with Monoclonal Antibody 17-1A versus No Adjuvant Therapy Following Resection for Stage II (Modified Astler-Coller B2) Adenocarcinoma of the Colon

Niedzwiecki D, Bertagnolli MM, Warren RS, Compton CC, Kemeny NE, Benson AB, Eckhardt SG, Alberts S, Porjosh GN, Kerr DJ, Fields A, Rougier P, Pipas JM, Schwartz JH, Atkins J, O'Rourke M, Perry MC, Goldberg RM, Mayer RJ, Colacchio TA. Documenting the Natural History of Patients With Resected Stage II Adenocarcinoma of the Colon After Random Assignment to Adjuvant Treatment With Edrecolomab or Observation: Results From CALGB 9581. J Clin Oncol 29: 3146-52, 2011.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group CO.14 (CALGB 9581)& Canadian Cancer Trials Group CO.15 (CALGB 89803) - A Phase III Intergroup Trial of Irinotecan (CPT-11) (NSC #616348) Plus Fluorouracil/Leucovorin (5-FU/LV) Versus Fluorouracil / Leucovorin Alone After Curative Resection for Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer

Bertagnolli MM, Redston M, Compton CC, Niedzwiecki D, Mayer RJ, Goldberg RM, Colacchio TA, Saltz LB, Warren RS. Microsatellite Instability and Loss of Heterozygosity at Chromosomal Location 18q: Prospective Evaluation of Biomarkers for Stages II and III Colon Cancer-A Study of CALGB 9581 and 89803. J Clin Oncol 29: 3153-62, 2011.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 - A Phase III Study of Radiotherapy or ABVD plus Radiotherapy versus ABVD Alone in the Treatment of Early Stage Hodgkin's Disease

Meyer RM, Gospodarowicz MK, Connors JM, Pearcey RG, Wells WA, Winter JN, Horning SJ, Dar AR, Shustik C, Stewart DA, Crump M, Djurfeldt MS, Chen BE, Shepherd LE. ABVD Alone versus Radiation-Based Therapy in Limited-Stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma. N Engl J Med 2012; 366:399-408.