Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


The Canadian Cancer Trials Group Welcomes New Chairs to Gynecology Committee

Earlier last year, both Drs Gavin Stuart and Amit Oza indicated their desire to step down as Co-Chairs of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Gynecology Site Committee. Drs Stuart and Oza have provided stellar leadership and we are extremely grateful for their dedicated efforts on behalf of Canadian Cancer Trials Group.

Gavin became the Gynecology Site Committee Chair in March 1994. His accomplishments since that time have been exceptional. He played a crucial role in Canadian Cancer Trials Group becoming a founding member of the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) in 1997. The GCIG now includes 20 member groups and multiple disease-specific subgroups. Gavin has completed a term as Chair of the GCIG and thus has not only represented Canadian Cancer Trials Group in the international arena, but has also played a key role in forwarding this international initiative. The collaborations with other groups under the umbrella of the GCIG have been extremely important for Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Within this collaboration, the Group has had opportunities to both participate in and lead international randomized controlled trials that have led to practice change. Gavin has also represented us within the US National Cancer Institute/Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (NCI/CTEP), including its initiation of the Task Force/Steering Committee processes. Gavin has also served on our Clinical Trials Committee and has been an outstanding leader on the Disease Site Chairs Committee.

Amit Oza became Co-Chair of the Gynecology Committee in November 2003 when it was determined that a Co-Chair model for the Committee would best represent the multidisciplinary nature of clinical trials research related to gynecologic cancers. Amit has done a superb job in integrating systemic therapies into the Group's clinical trials. He has had leadership roles within the Investigational New Drug Program and has represented the Gynecology Committee on the IND Executive. He has also played a leadership role within the GCIG, particularly within the area of ovarian cancer. His outstanding leadership contributed to the success of the OV.19 (ICON 7) trial, which has just been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Amit has also provided leadership on the Group's behalf within the NCI/CTEP system both within the Gynecology Steering Committee and the Investigational Drug Program.

Amit and Gavin's dedicated efforts contributed to our successes at site visits from NCIC/CCSRI and the NCI/CTEP. We are very grateful for the wise counsel that Amit and Gavin have provided over the past many years and look forward to continued collaborations with them.

At and following the Spring 2011 Annual Meeting, a process for succession was determined. It was strongly advised by the Gynecology Executive that a process of nomination be undertaken and advice be obtained from selected members from across the committee who represent the different disciplines within gynecologic oncology. In addition to the specifics of recruiting new Co-Chairs to the Gynecologic Committee, this process has been informative at a generic level and will influence the Group's processes for succession in other committees.

We are, therefore, extremely pleased to announce that the new Co-Chairs for the Gynecologic Committee are Drs Hal Hirte from McMaster University and Michael Fung Kee Fung from the University of Ottawa. It is with much gratitude that the Canadian Cancer Trials Group welcomes Michael and Hal to their Co-Chair roles and look forward to working with them.

Michael received his medical degree from the University of West Indies and completed his residency training at the University of Ottawa and the University of Manitoba. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa and Head of Surgical Oncology at the Ottawa Hospital. His leadership roles include being the current President for the Society of Gynecologic Oncology of Canada (GOC) and being Chair of the Cancer Care Ontario Gynecologic Oncology D of having the Group's Disease Site Committee include leadership from a surgical perspective was repeatedly emphasized and we are very fortunate to have Michael agree to take on this role. We look forward to the leadership and innovation he will bring to the Gynecology Committee.

Hal completed his medical degree at the University of Toronto and also completed his training in internal medicine and medical oncology there. He received further research training in Toronto, Hamilton, and NCI-Frederick. He is a previous Head of the Division of Medical Oncology within the Department of Oncology at McMaster University and Chief of Oncology at Hamilton Health Sciences. Hal recently completed a term as Chair of the Group's IND Committee and has had leadership roles within our Group, as well as within the US NCI system with respect to research directions in ovarian cancer. In addition, with his broad perspectives of cancer management, and specifically for gynecologic cancers, Hal brings special expertise in the integration of novel systemic therapies to the management of gynecologic cancers.

We look forward to the leadership and perspectives Michael and Hal will bring to our Group and want to thank them for taking on these Co-Chair roles.