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Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 in NEJM

Final results of Canadian Cancer Trials Group HD.6 -- Randomized Comparison of ABVD Chemotherapy with a Strategy that Includes Radiation Therapy in Patients with Limited-Stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma -- were presented at ASH today and published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.

These results show that patients with limited-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma treated with a standard chemotherapy regimen have better overall survival rates compared with those receiving a radiation-based treatment.

Patients with limited-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) are often treated with combination therapy containing chemotherapy plus radiation. While this therapy is successful in controlling HL, these patients remain challenged by potential long-term complications of radiation exposure such as heart conditions or subsequent cancers.

"The results of our study suggest that in the long-term patients with limited-stage HL may be better served by a treatment approach that uses chemotherapy without radiation, as this method seems to be associated with fewer deaths from other causes," said Dr. Ralph Meyer, lead author and Director of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group. "After 12 years of follow-up, we have gained valuable and reliable insights about the long-term value of specific therapeutic interventions to help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions and better manage the possible risks for their patients."

This trial was led by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group with participation of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.

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Congratulations and thank you to all centres, staff and patients for their participation in this trial and their commitment in bringing it to such a successful conclusion.