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Canadian Cancer Trials Group Publication Policy

To all Members of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group

RE: Canadian Cancer Trials Group Publication Policies

Publication of research results by Canadian Cancer Trials Group is of critical importance in disseminating new knowledge, influencing future research directions and informing health care practices. In addition, publication of results provides important demonstration to our funders of the value of our work to the scientific and health care communities. Finally, publication is an important marker used to evaluate those in academic positions.

It is thus important that Canadian Cancer Trials Group's policies for publication account for these various perspectives. For years, the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Publication Policy ( has served the Group well. However, over recent years we have identified that more comprehensive policies are needed to deal with the complexities associated with the research environment (e.g. Open Access), our multiple accountabilities (e.g. CCSRI, NCI/CTEP, other peer-reviewed agencies, industry), and to best meet the needs of our investigators, for whom authorship represents important recognition in their academic careers. As a result of these needs, the Canadian Cancer Trials Group is in the process of revising its publication policies. This will result in four documents, including:
  1. Policy Overview
  2. Policies for Authorship
  3. Procedural Policies for Publication
  4. Policies for Press Releases and Media Coverage
We have completed the first two of these documents and are now announcing their posting on our Website. The Policy Overview ( document describes the broad context. The Policies for Authorship ( document has gone through a consensus process that has involved the opportunity for input by Canadian Cancer Trials Group Central Office, the Clinical Trials Committee, the Disease Site Chairs Committee, and the Centre Representatives Executive. Where applicable, communications have taken place within the academic leadership at Queen's University.

While the Procedural Policies for Publication and Policies for Press Releases and Media Coverage documents are yet to be completed, we concluded that we should make available to the broad Canadian Cancer Trials Group membership the final versions of the first two documents. By the end of February, the previous Publication Policy will be removed from the website. We anticipate that the third and fourth document will be available on the website within the next few months. Shortly, the Investigational New Drug (IND) Program will also make available its supplement to the Policies for Authorship document in which the application of principles to the IND Program will be enunciated. We invite you to review all of these policies.

The importance of this topic was exemplified in our 2010 Site Review with the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute. In the previous grant cycle, our Group published more than 500 trial-related manuscripts and abstracts, more than 120 Central Office faculty research reports, and contributed to 18 individual patient-data meta-analyses. This productivity reflects the excellence and energy of our investigators. We are very grateful to you and hope that you find our new policies to be helpful.

Yours sincerely,

Ralph M. Meyer, MD, FRCP(C)
Edith and Carla Eisenhauer Chair in Clinical Cancer Research
Director, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Professor, Departments of Oncology, Medicine
and Community Health and Epidemiology
Queen's University