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US Institute of Medicine Report

The U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) Recommendations and the NCI/CTEP Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program

Many of you will now be familiar with evolving discussions in the United States about the National Cancer Institute / Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (NCI/CTEP) and cancer clinical trials cooperative group system. These discussions are of profound importance. They are extremely relevant to Canadian Cancer Trials Group's involvement in the cooperative groups system and the intergroup collaborations that permit our leading of trials that are conducted in the United States, as well as the participation of Canadian centres in trials led by US-based groups.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, Director of Canadian Cancer Trials Group, has posted a memo that outlines in more detail the process the NCI / CTEP is instituting, as well as how this process may impact the Group and its investigative community.

You can view this memo at ...