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Recent Publications

Ocana A, Amir E, Vera F, Eisenhauer EA, Tannock IF. Addition of bevacizumab to chemotherapy for treatment of solid tumors: similar results but different conclusions (ONLINE). J Clin Oncol 2010.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group REC.1 (CALGB 90206) -- A Phase III Trial of Interferon-Alpha (IFNA) or IFNA Plus Bevacizumab in Advanced Renal Cell Cancer

Rini BI, Halabi S, Rosenberg JE, Stadler WM, Vaena DA, Archer L, Atkins JN, Picus J, Czaykowski P, Dutcher J, Small EJ. Phase III trial of bevacizumab plus interferon alfa versus interferon alfa monotherapy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Final results of CALGB 90206. J Clin Oncol 28: 2137-43, 2010.