Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Scott Sawler -- ER Manager

It is with very mixed emotions that we inform you that Scott Sawler will be leaving the Canadian Cancer Trials Group to take on an exciting new position as Director General for the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada. This is an enormous opportunity for Scott and is highly deserved.

Since joining us in June, 2009, Scott has made an outstanding contribution to our Group. He has brought to us new insights into the regulatory process and has been very innovative in helping redefine some of our policies and processes, including important aspects of simplification. He has been an outstanding leader for the staff in the ER office. We will very much miss his insights and wisdom.

At the same time, it is with our very best wishes that Scott moves to his new position. Scott's last day at Canadian Cancer Trials Group will be December 29, 2010. Our succession plans, including recruitment, will be addressed over the next 4‐6 weeks.

We would like to thank Scott for his dedicated efforts on our behalf.