Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Dr. Kim Chi New Chair of IND Committee

As many of you will know, the IND Committee has a systematic process of identifying leadership of the IND Committee. The process begins with selection of an Incoming Chair who spends a two-year term in this position prior to becoming the Chair. After serving as Chair for two years, this individual then becomes the Past Chair for an additional term of two years.

In April of this year, Dr. Kim Chi from Vancouver completed his term as Incoming Chair and became Chair of the IND Committee. Dr. Hal Hirte from Hamilton, Ontario completed his term as Chair and became the Past Chair. We are grateful to Dr. Hirte for his leadership over the past two years, and are pleased that he will continue to play a significant role on the Committee.

We also welcome Dr. Kim Chi to the position of Chair. Dr. Chi is a Canadian leader in drug development processes for cancer therapeutics, and he has also been very active with leadership roles within our IND and Genitourinary Committees. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Chi to this new role. We look forward to working with him and thank him for taking on these leadership responsibilities.