Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Confidentiality of Canadian Cancer Trials Group Materials

Recently, through the "web administrator" link of our external website, Central Office received a request for copies of our annual meeting books distributed at the spring meeting (these are now virtual) from a lawyer from a firm that appears to specialize in intellectual property. The request was handled appropriately within our office and a reply was sent stating:

"In response to your request about our annual "Meeting of Participants", we regret that we are unable to provide you with this material. The material is confidential for multiple reasons. Furthermore, investigators and other attendees of our Annual Meeting sign a confidentiality agreement that precludes them from providing you with this material. Finally, on the cover of the meeting books we state "Privileged Communication Not for Publication or Reference"."

As you will recall, all members of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group are given access to the password-protected members-only website after they have signed a confidentiality agreement. It states:

Passwords are restricted to members of Canadian Cancer Trials Group committees, working groups, and employees of participating member centres involved with the conduct of Canadian Cancer Trials Group studies. We do not provide passwords to the Members area of our website to industry, patients or the general public.

Information found in the "Members" area of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website is considered confidential, and accessible to only those people expressly given permission. It is your responsibility to read and follow all applicable disclaimers and notes on the website.

If you or one of your colleagues is approached, please keep this in mind and that our confidentiality agreements preclude providing Spring Meeting book materials and other confidential Canadian Cancer Trials Group materials to third parties.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Heather Stanton at or 613-533-6430.