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Quality of Life Committee

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Quality of Life Committee: Invitation to Apply for Membership

The Quality of Life Committee is a standing committee of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, formed in 1987. Drs Michael Brundage and Jolie Ringash are the current co‐chairs.

The mission of the Committee is to provide methodological expertise and guidance to the Clinical Trials Group investigators in measuring, analyzing, and reporting health‐related quality of life (QOL) in Canadian Cancer Trials Group clinical trials. In addition, the Committee contributes to national and international knowledge regarding the science of assessing QOL in clinical trials, and in the interpretation of clinical trial QOL findings.

The vision statement of the QOL Committee is as follows: "...(to) continue to assess QOL in all Canadian Cancer Trials Group clinical trials where QOL is a relevant endpoint, and (to) provide state‐of‐the‐art expertise to investigators in the measurement and reporting of QOL as an important outcome for cancer patients. We will facilitate the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's provision of unique and important QOL information to the oncology community. We will provide international leadership to further develop the research field. In these ways, we hope to serve and help patients with cancer."

We are currently seeking up to two new committee members with the following characteristics:
‐ interest in patient-reported outcomes/QOL research
‐ willing to attend bi-annual committee meetings held during Canadian Cancer Trials Group Spring and Fall Meetings
‐ willing to act as liaison for QOL to disease site groups and/or as trial QOL coordinator
‐ Canadian oncologist or scientist
‐ ideally, with graduate training or comparable experience in research methodology

The deadline for applying is March 31, 2010. Interested individuals are encouraged to forward their CV and a 1-page letter by email to Harriet Richardson at:

Thank you for considering this invitation.

On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Quality of Life Committee
Harriet Richardson (PhD)
Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Tel: 613-533-6430