Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Recent Publications

Douillard J-Y, Tribodet H, Aubert D, Shepherd FA, Rosell R, Ding K, Veillard A-S, Seymour L, LeChevalier T, Spiro S, Stephens R, Pignon JP, on behalf of the LACE Collaborative Group. Adjuvant cisplatin and vinorelbine for completely resected non-small cell lung cancer. Subgroup analysis of the Lung Adjuvant Cisplatin Evaluation. J Thoracic Oncol 5: 220-8, 2009.

Bradbury PA, Tu D, Seymour L, Isogai PK, Zhu L, Ng R, Mittmann N, Tsao MS, Evans WK, Shepherd FA, Leighl NB, on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Working Group on Economic Analysis. Economic analysis: randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of erlotinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (ONLINE). J Natl Cancer Inst 2010.

Primary paper for IND.141
Crump M, Hedley D, Kamel-Reid S, Leber B, Wells R, Brandwein J, Buckstein R, Kassis J, Minden M, Matthews J, Robinson S, Turner R, McIntosh L, Eisenhauer E, Seymour L. A Randomized phase I clinical and biologic study of two schedules of sorafenib in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome or acute myeloid leukemia: a NCIC (National Cancer Institute of Canada) Clinical Trials Group study. Leukemia and Lymphoma 51: 252-60, 2010.