Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Curriculum Vitae (CV) Collection

Currently, Canadian Cancer Trials Group collects CVs from each approved investigator at our member centres and single-study centres. Approved investigators without a current CV are considered inactive and are not permitted to participate in Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials.

We will now begin collecting updated CVs every 2 years, and will issue an email reminder 2 months prior to the 2-year anniversary date (the date on which the CV was last received by Canadian Cancer Trials Group). This email notification will be sent to both the investigator and the Contact Clinical Research Associate for member centres and to the investigator and Principal Clinical Research Associate from single study non-member centres.

When you receive the reminder, please forward your current CV, which includes your current hospital appointment as well as any University appointments electronically (MSWord or PDF format) to

Throughout the year, any change in contact information should be provided to us as soon as possible.

Questions can be directed to Tabitha Docteur at 613-533-6430 or