Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


SWOG -- Due Dates for Baseline Forms

The SWOG Data Operations Centre is making a change regarding the due dates for baseline forms that are posted at the time of registration. For some time, the standard set in SWOG protocols required the baseline and prestudy forms be submitted to the Data Operations Center within 14 days of registration. Effective 1/1/2010, this requirement will change from 14 days to 7 days.

This decision was made after close analysis of SWOG's policies and data collection efforts. The 14 day window has long been in effect and reflects extra time allowed for mailing delays. Now that all data is submitted by fax and because the baseline forms consist of data that are available at the time of registration, the decision was made to tighten up this requirement.

Beginning 1/1/2010, all expectations for baseline forms for new registrations will reflect the new 7 day due date. Due dates for expectations posted prior to 1/1/2010 will not change. Currently, active protocols will be amended over time to reflect this requirement when other changes are made to the study. Please alert all staff who enroll patients to Southwest Oncology Group coordinated studies that may not have received this message.