Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Psychosocial Research Working Group

Over the last several months, we have reviewed in considerable detail aspects of our strategic directions, our infrastructure, resource capabilities, and how we best achieve our objectives. This process has included an assessment of how we can best include research into psychosocial oncology within our mission. With this assessment process, we have concluded that our emphasis in psychosocial research should be around the assessments of the psychological and sociological domains that fall into the broad category of patient reported outcomes. At present, we are not well positioned to prioritize testing of psychosocial interventions. As a result of our assessment, we feel it is most appropriate to move these psychosocial outcome assessments to a position under the auspices of the Quality of Life Committee. This Committee has taken a very strategic position to emphasize methodology in patient reported outcomes, which include those of the psychosocial domains.

In taking these steps we will, at least for the present time, dissolve the PRWG. This Group has had several important accomplishments that began with funding of some pilot projects and have included important components of some of our ongoing trials such as CE.5, PR.11, and CO.21.

Dissolving this Committee has been a difficult decision and we appreciate it will be disappointing to many. We hope it is not interpreted as a lack of commitment on our part to include psychosocial research within our trials in the best format possible. Specific scientific committees including the QoL Committee, Symptom Control Committee and selected Disease Site Committees will continue to require expertise in psychosocial research in order to forward their missions and the projects that are within their programs. With time, we will continue to evaluate the best role of conducting psychosocial research within Canadian Cancer Trials Group and how such processes can be developed.

We wish to thank the members of the PRWG for their commitment to our Group and the initiatives and perspectives brought to us.