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A recent study of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Working Group on Economic Analysis (WGEA) evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Cetuximab (Erbitux) in metastatic colorectal cancer shows that Cetuximab is more cost-effective for metastatic colorectal cancer when used for patients who don't have mutations in the KRAS gene, but may still not represent a good value.

The WGEA conducted this cost-effectiveness analysis using prospectively collected resource utilization and health utility data for patients in the CO.17 study who received cetuximab plus best supportive care (N = 283) or best supportive care alone (N = 274).

The full article can be accessed using this link ...

Additionally, Dr. Nicole Mittmann, lead author on the study, was interviewed by MedPage Today. You can read (and listen to) this interview by using this link ... .