Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Leadership of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Symptom Control Committee

It is with very mixed feelings that we inform you that Dr. Ray Viola has elected to step down as Co-Chair of the Symptom Control Committee.

Ray has been in this position since May 2006 and has done an outstanding job. Ray is stepping down for personal reasons related to his academic career; he wants to expand his own research interests in palliative care.

Ray will remain a member of the Symptom Control Committee, and as a Co-Chair of the SC.22 trial, which is a phase I trial designed to determine the dose of methadone that should move forward into phase III testing. Ray will stay part of this initiative as we eventually move forward with the planned phase III trial.

We would like to thank Ray for his leadership and efforts on behalf of our Group. His leadership in Symptom Control has been much appreciated and his contributions to the processes around our 2007-2008 NCIC/CTEP review are much appreciated.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Rebecca Wong stay on in her role as Chair of the Symptom Control Committee. The Symptom Control Committee is unique; there is an iterative process required in determining its leadership, membership, and strategic directions. The upcoming CCSRI grant submission will lead us to review in detail these relationships and from this, we anticipate that a Co-Chair to partner with Rebecca will be selected.

Again, we want to thank Dr. Viola for his contributions and look forward to his continued collaborations with our Group.