Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Single-Study Centres and DSMC Summary Reports -- REMINDER

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) met on May 1, 2009.

Trial-specific DSMC Summary Reports are now posted on trial websites. Single-study centres participating on these trials should download these reports and submit them to their REBs. These trials include: BI.1, BL.11, BR.19, BR.25, BR.29, CE.6, CO.20, CO.21, HD.6, HN.6, LY.12, LY.13, MA.17R, MA.20, MA.21, MA.22, MA.27, MA.29, MA.31, MAP.3, MY.10, PR.3, PR.7, PR.11, PR.12, and SC.20.

It is a requirement of the NIH that information regarding the recommendations of the DSMC be sent to all participating centres, after each meeting, for submission to their local Research Ethics Board (REB). A copy of the relevant NIH guideline can be found at As many Canadian Cancer Trials Group studies are affiliated with the NCI US, this NIH requirement must be complied with for NCI US-affiliated studies, and we recommend it be followed for other studies as well. Accordingly, centres should send the trial-specific Summary Report to their REB and retain documentation of the submission on file.

In addition, Spring Meeting Trial Reports are also posted to trial websites. Please note that these are not analyses, but simply 'snapshots' of the data at a certain time in the lifespan of the trial.

Questions can be directed to Heather Stanton, Operations, at or 613-533-6430.