Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Dianne Johnston Is Retiring!

It is with a bittersweet reaction that we inform you that Dianne Johnston will be retiring after 23 years with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group

Dianne started as a Study Coordinator with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group on October 1, 1986, and quickly became expert in the nuances of multiple myeloma in her roles with MY.2, MY.4, MY.5 and MY.6. Dianne also had important roles in trials of melanoma, cervix and symptom control.

When the CTG embarked on its first prevention initiative, PV.1, Dianne did an amazing job developing a network of investigators at women's health centres in North America. Though this trial ultimately was withdrawn, this work formed a solid platform for our later prevention study, MAP.3. Dianne has done a superb job in leading the MAP.3 initiative, and retaining her role in overseeing investigators. The MAP.3 trial is expected to reach its projected sample size of 4,500 by the end of this calendar year. The success of the trial has required Dianne's diligence and dedication.

Dianne has immense knowledge of many aspects of clinical trials conduct and has imparted her wisdom to a generation of CTG staff. She is highly respected as hard working and dedicated, and her contributions are deeply appreciated.

We are grateful for Dianne's years of important service. Dianne's last day will be June 30, 2009. Please join us in both thanking Dianne for her contributions on our behalf and congratulating her on her retirement.