Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Clinical Trials Committee -- Membership

We would like to update you about our Clinical Trials Committee (CTC) membership. The CTC is our most senior committee. It serves very important roles in evaluating and approving the scientific projects that comprise our scientific agenda and in providing advice on a broad range of Group activities and processes. In meeting this mandate, it is important that the CTC include members with expert perspectives that span the breadth of Group activities and who are able to place into context the importance of our research. Additionally, the membership of the CTC must include a majority of members from outside of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Central Office and there is a need for appropriate succession strategies for membership.

Accordingly, we would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Denis Soulieres, from Hopital Notre Dame in Montreal, who has now completed his term with the CTC, and we are very pleased to announce that four outstanding individuals have agreed to become new members -- Drs Tony Fields, Stephen Chia, Kevin Imrie, and Michael McKenzie.

Denis Soulieres joined the CTC in December, 2000 and has consistently provided thoughtful commentary and advice. In particular, Denis has brought to the CTC the perspectives of a medical oncologist-hematologist who has added expertize in understanding the implications of translational research. We are grateful for Denis' contributions and would like to thank him for his dedicated efforts.

Dr. Tony Fields has been an exceptional contributor to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and is a previous Chair of the Gastrointestinal Committee. He is currently Vice President, Cancer Corridor, Alberta Health Services, and Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Medicine at the University of Alberta. He is a past president of the National Cancer Institute of Canada and has served on the boards of the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance, the Canadian Oncology Society and the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies, and as a member of the Council of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. His service to professional organizations includes previous appointments as President of the Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists and as Governor (Alberta Region) of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Fields will bring this wealth of experience to the CTC with respect to understandings of the value of research and the relevance of research findings to health care delivery.

Dr. Stephen Chia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He is also a staff oncologist with the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA), Vancouver. Dr. Chia serves as Chair for the British Columbia Breast Tumour Group and is physician coordinator for both the breast cancer and head and neck cancer clinical trials at the BCCA, Vancouver Cancer Centre. He currently sits on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Breast Executive. He is an active researcher in phase I-III trials in breast cancer, head and neck cancer and investigational new drugs. Dr. Chia will bring to the CTC this expertize, as well as his insights into drug development and, from a clinical perspective, translational research.

Dr. Kevin Imrie is a Clinical Hematologist at the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and is Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Imrie is actively involved in clinical trials in malignant hematology and has served on the executive of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Hematology Disease Site Committee since 2001. As Co-Chair of the Hematology Disease Site Group for the Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Program in Evidence-Based Care, he has supervised the development of practice guidelines in Hematology and has played a central role in developing and implementing several CCO provincial initiatives. Dr. Imrie will bring special strengths to the CTC in the understanding of hematologic malignancies and evaluating how the generation of cli lied to health care policies.

Dr. Michael McKenzie is a radiation oncologist at the BCCA Vancouver Cancer Centre and Clinical Professor in the Division of Radiation Oncology at the University of British Columbia. Dr. McKenzie's clinical activities currently focus on the management of central nervous system and genitourinary neoplasms. He has also maintained an active interest in palliative oncology. He is Chair of BCCA's Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Operations Working Group. He is an active member of our Genitourinary Disease Site Committee and Study Chair of the PR.12 trial. Dr. McKenzie will bring to the CTC expertize in clinical trials that include radiation oncology as the investigational intervention, and more broadly, an ability to facilitate evaluation of our Group's strategic directions as these relate to radiation treatment.

Finally, there will be additional new members of the CTC that we will negotiate with the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI). The CTC has long benefited from the insights of an NCIC Board member, with Dr. Bernie Cummings most recently serving in this role. With the new structures of the CCSRI, we look forward to ensuring relations with this funder from whom we receive our values. As the CCSRI moves forward, we will announce additional membership changes to reflect this important relationship.

Again, we thank Dr. Soulieres for his contributions over the past 8 years, and welcome Dr. Fields, Dr. Chia, Dr. Imrie and Dr. McKenzie to their new positions and thank each of them for taking on this role.