Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Reminder to Centres Participating in MA.27

Further to the memo dated 6 February 2009 from Catherine Elliott and Jessica Kundapur, we would like to remind centres that, as patients are approaching their ninth dispensation of MA.27 study treatment, the standard re-supply letter sent to centres will request BOTH:
  • the date the ninth treatment kit was dispensed AND
  • the date the patient will actually be starting the medication in the ninth treatment kit.
Centres should fax this information back to Central Office as soon as the ninth treatment kit is dispensed.

Centres should note that:
  • Only the one-page re-supply letter for the ninth dispensation is required to be faxed back
  • You are NO LONGER required to fax to us confirmation of dispensation for any other dispensation except the ninth (as other kits are dispensed, the treatment kit sticker should simply be affixed to the appropriate Form 5 [or page 1 of Form 5 between visits] which should then be mailed to us with your data submissions.)
Additionally, we would like to remind centres to please notify Canadian Cancer Trials Group when a patient comes off study treatment permanently. Centres should complete an Off Treatment Report and fax (and mail) this form to Central Office so that we are able to update our information.

This will help to ensure that only those drug shipments for patients still on study treatment are sent to centres.

If you have questions about this, please contact either Catherine Elliott ( or Jessica Kundapur (, MA.27 Study Coordinators.