Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Melanoma Site Committee

Dr. Michael Smylie has stepped down as Chair of the Melanoma Disease Site Committee. Dr. Smylie has held this position since 2002 and has provided very important contributions to our Group. We would like to thank Dr. Smylie for his dedicated contributions to our Group and the leadership he has provided.

We have been able to recruit two outstanding individuals to succeed Dr. Smylie as Co-Chairs of the Melanoma Site Committee -- Drs Teresa Petrella and Alan Spatz.

Dr. Petrella is a medical oncologist at the Odette Cancer Centre and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Petrella has been a member of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Melanoma Executive Committee and has represented both her home institution and our Group in the international melanoma community. Dr. Petrella's background in melanoma includes being a recipient of a CIHR/CAMO award for her research in vaccine therapy in combination with interferon for melanoma patients, Head of the Melanoma Site Group at the Odette Cancer Centre, and Chair of the Cancer Care Ontario Melanoma Disease Site Group.

Dr. Spatz is new to Canada and our Group, but has a deep history in the investigation of melanoma. Dr. Spatz is the Director of Pathology at the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, and Professor of Pathology and Oncology at McGill University. He received his MD and MSc degrees from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, and trained in Pathology and Molecular Oncology. From there he went to the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in Villejuif, France, where he was the Director of Dermatopathology and Chief of the Immunopathology and Biopsy Units. He leads an international research group on the biology of melanoma. His current research involves the X chromosome role in metastatic potential and key factors associated with cutaneous melanoma progression. Dr. Spatz served as the Chair of the EORTC Melanoma group, the Chair of the EORTC Pathology group, the Chair of the Pathology committee of the EORTC Melanoma group, and the President of the French division of the International Academy of Pathology. He currently serves as a Board member of several international professional organizations such as the EORTC, the International Melanoma Research Society, and the International Sentinel Node Society.

Under the leadership of Drs Petrella and Spatz, the Committee will continue to collaborate with Intergroup partners in the conduct of phase III studies with clinically meaningful endpoints. New directions in translational researchers will be the major part of the Committee's strategic agenda.