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EBRT Does Not Improve Overall Survival in Endometrial Cancer

Results of a combined EN.5/ASTEC study show that external-beam radiation therapy (EBRT) does not improve overall survival in those patients with early stage endometrial cancer.

ASTEC (A Study in the Treatment of Endometrial Cancer), conducted by the MRC Clinical Trials Unit in the UK, looked at the surgical treatment of endometrial cancer and found that a full hysterectomy was just as effective in preventing the cancer from coming back as more extensive surgery. It also showed that further surgery to remove lymph nodes around the womb did not increase the chances of long term survival.

The second part of ASTEC included an assessment of the impact of adjuvant radiotherapy (EBRT) on disease recurrence and survival in women at high and intermediate risk of disease recurrence. It was these findings that were combined with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group EN.5 study.

The results of this study (as well as the main ASTEC study findings) were recently published in The Lancet ...

The NCI has also highlighted these results in the current NCI Bulletin ...

And, MRC has issued a press release which can be found on its website at