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Tumour Cavitation and Response Assessment in NSCLC

A retrospective review of three Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials of platinum-based chemotherapy with or without a small-molecule angiogenesis inhibitor (vascular endothelial growth factor receptor inhibitor [VEGFRI]) was conducted to determine whether tumour cavitation altered response assessment. It was found that impact on response and time to event outcomes occurred but seems to be less common. Response assessment might be improved by incorporating cavitation into volume assessment for target lesions, potentially altering outcomes of key efficacy parameters in clinical trials. This should be prospectively assessed in clinical trials of angiogenesis inhibitors.

The review was conducted by Dr. Simon Cragg, a recent Canadian Cancer Trials Group visiting fellow, in collaboration with other Canadian Cancer Trials Group members. Dr. Cragg is from the Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre at the University of Southampton in Southampton, UK.

The complete article has been published recently in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and is available online at