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Bulletin Correction

In the previous Bulletin, the following abstract, recently presented at ASH, was incorrectly identified as Canadian Cancer Trials Group MY.9. The trial is actually LY.9. Sorry for the confusion.

The addition of rituximab eliminates the negative prognostic impact of PMBCL compared to DLBCL in young patients with CD20-positive aggressive lymphomas receiving a CHOP-like chemotherapy: Results of a subgroup analysis of the Mabthera International Trial Group (MInT) study
Marek Trneny, Michael Rieger, Anders Osterborg, Ruth Pettengel, Darrell J White, Devinder Gill, Jan Walewski, MD, Evelyn Kuhnt, Markus Loeffler, Michael Pfreundschuh, and Anthony D. Ho.
Tuesday, December 9, 2008: 8:45 AM
Canadian Cancer Trials Group LY.9