Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Fall Strategic Retreat -- 24-26 October 2008

This year's Fall Meeting will be a special one-time forum where important issues that face the Group as a whole, our Scientific Committees, and our member centres will be addressed.

Objectives/Format of the Retreat

The objective/theme of the Retreat is "How do the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and its Scientific Committees develop a high quality strategic agenda that can be operationalized by its Central Office and its member institutions?"

The plan for the Retreat is to have large group sessions on Friday, which will provide scope and background to the issues. Saturday is for breakout sessions -- 3-3.5 hours in the morning and reporting back to the whole group in afternoon. The purpose of the breakout sessions is to allow more focused discussion around the interactions and stresses that our organization faces, including
increased reliance on industry funding, more complex regulatory demands both in the way clinical trials are conducted and how data arising from them are used for new drug approvals, need for financial solvency both at Central Office and at centres (often on a per trial basis), increased competition, and evolving priorities of investigators and their member institutions.

These are very important issues facing the Group and we are grateful to the chairs and rapporteurs who have agreed to lead these breakout sessions --
Tony Fields, Stephen Couban
Mary Gospodarowicz, Bernard Cummings
Vivien Bramwell, Stephen Chia
Tim Whelan, Tom Pickles
Ann Chambers, Sharlene Gill
Eric Winquist, John Waldron
Joe Connors, Isabelle Gauthier
Peter Craighead, Susan Dent
Jim Wright, Bernie Eigl

Our intent is to provide a follow-up summary of the discussions at the Retreat to all.


The need for such a meeting is prompted by:

1. The responses from our recent NCI Site Visit and the upcoming NCIC Site Review in 2009-2010;
2. Our need to properly prioritize and align our strategic agenda with our resources so that the strategic agenda can be best implemented;
3. The need to include a process to understand how our member centres prioritize and operationalize our strategic agenda and what resources are necessary in order to do so; and,
4. The need to understand the various perspectives of individual Disease Site and other Scientific Committees with respect to all of the above.


As mentioned previously, attendance is limited to only those invited. Please see the 2008 Fall Strategic Retreat Invitation Policy ( for more information.

In comparison with previous Fall Meetings, we would not be inviting Study Chairs who are not members of the executives, disease site working groups and, for this year only, would not extend invitations to those who are otherwise not funded.

If you have received an invitation and have not yet registered, please do so as soon as possible by using the link and PIN number provided in your invitation.

If you have questions about registration or about your travel/hotel arrangements, please contact Anne Biggar at