Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Canadian Cancer Trials Group Welcomes Dr. Janet Dancey

The enhancement of translational research is a prime strategic direction of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Dr. Dancey complements our existing strengths provided by Dr. Jeremy Squire, who has recently been recruited to a position of Director, Translational Research Laboratory and Dr. Lois Shepherd, Director of our Tumour/Tissue Data Repository.

The ability to have Dr. Dancey join us has been made possible through special collaboration and support from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. In facilitating its strategic direction, OICR has appointed Dr. Dancey as its Director of the High Content Clinical Trials Program. The OICR appointment permits 50% of Dr. Dancey's time to be allocated to her own personal research, which she will direct to her Canadian Cancer Trials Group position.

Dr. Dancey received her M.D. from the University of Ottawa in 1988 and completed her residency training in internal medicine and medical oncology at the University of Toronto. In 1994-95, she was a research fellow with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and followed this in 1995 with additional fellowship training at the Institut Gustave Roussy in France. Her initial faculty appointment was with the University of Toronto from 1997-1999, and, in 1999, she joined the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program at the US National Cancer Institute as a Senior Clinical Investigator in the Investigational New Drug Branch. In 2007, she was appointed Associate Chief of the Investigational Drug Branch. Dr. Dancey has special expertise in new anti-cancer drug development, linking drug and biomarker development, and associated clinical trials methodology.