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New Investigator Clinical Trials Course


This is the second announcement of a 3-day course developed by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and designed for new investigators with an interest in cancer clinical research -- the New Investigator Clinical Trials Course.

The target audience for the course will be fellows and junior faculty in the fields of medical, radiation, and surgical oncology.

This interactive course is designed to familiarize participants to the essentials of phase I, II and III trial design and conduct in the Canadian research environment. Topics such as biomarkers and laboratory aspects of correlative biology, fundamentals of statistics in clinical trials, quality of life and economic analysis methodology, will be addressed. Practical aspects of clinical trial conduct such as data management, investigator roles and responsibilities, guidelines for interactions with regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies will also be included in the course curriculum.

Enrollment in this course will be limited to 50 applicants with support provided for travel and accommodation costs.

The Course Application and meeting information can be found on the New Investigator Clinical Trials Course at

Please forward all inquiries to:

Anne Biggar
Meeting Coordinator

Please forward Course Applications to:

Janice Flegg
Administrative Assistant
Fax: 613-533-2941