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Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk Recognized by CTEP

Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk has been awarded the Joan K. Mauer Memorial Quality Assurance Award by the US Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program.

Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk, Medical Oncologist at CancerCare Manitoba, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, and Canadian Cancer Trials Group Audit and Monitoring Committee (AMC) Monitor, has been awarded the Joan K. Mauer Memorial Quality Assurance Award by the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) of the US National Cancer Institute

Dr. Maksymiuk has been a member of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group AMC since 1998 and has participated in approximately 27 site visits as a volunteer member. As one of Canadian Cancer Trials Group's most dedicated and experienced AMC volunteers, Dr. Maksymiuk is frequently asked to attend site visits with new AMC volunteers to provide training and mentorship to others to ensure high quality clinical trials.

In addition to his significant contributions to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's AMC, Dr. Maksymiuk is an active clinical trials investigator involved with numerous Canadian Cancer Trials Group clinical trials. He currently serves as a member of several Canadian Cancer Trials Group working groups and disease site committees, including esophageal, rectal, and head and neck.

About the Joan K. Mauer Memorial Quality Assurance Award
Joan Mauer is credited with being the founder of the clinical trials Quality Assurance Program at the NCI. She began establishing CTEP's QA Program in 1983 and continued to improve and refine the program as Chief of the Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch (CTMB) from 2000 until her untimely death in October 2010. Joan was an avid supporter of the mission of NCI and the important role that the Cooperative Group volunteer auditors play in ensuring the integrity of the research. In Joan's memory, this award was created and will be given on an annual basis to an individual in recognition of their dedication to the Quality Assurance Program as demonstrated by active participation and volunteerism involving Cooperative Group audits.