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Dr. Judy-Anne Chapman Is Retiring!!

Judy-Anne Chapman It is with mixed emotion I let you know that Dr. Judy-Anne Chapman has officially retired from Canadian Cancer Trials Group as of June 30! After many years of work as a senior biostatistician with primary responsibility for the Breast Disease Site Committee, she is retiring from Canadian Cancer Trials Group - but not, I hasten to add, from research. Judy-Anne will continue to be actively involved in breast cancer research and applied biostatistics/biomarker research after her retirement. She will also continue to be involved in several Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials/projects that are now at the manuscript stage.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bingshu Chen, who has been a senior biostatistician at Canadian Cancer Trials Group for several years, will be taking over responsibility as senior biostatistician for the Breast Disease Site Committee and new, ongoing and not yet completed projects that were previously Judy-Anne's responsibility. Most people working with Judy-Anne will know which projects she is still involved in (and how to reach her - for the moment her CTG email remains active!). If anyone is unsure about which statistician they should contact, please get in touch with Bingshu at

Please join me in thanking Judy-Anne, wishing her all the best in "retirement", and welcoming Bingshu to his new role!