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Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.3/MRC PR07 UK Investigators Win Prize

Professor Malcolm Mason, Cancer Research Wales Professor of Clinical Oncology at the School of Medicine, and Dr. Matt Sydes, Senior Scientist in the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit in the UK have been awarded a Medical Breakthrough Award from the Cardiff University Innovation Network for their leadership of Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.3/MRC PR07.

In partnership with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, including Drs. Padraig Warde and Wendy Parulekar, Professor Mason and Dr. Sydes presented new evidence showing that survival rates significantly improve if radiation is added to standard hormone treatments when treating men whose cancer has spread beyond the prostate. Based on the evidence available, this will result in the prevention of 43% of deaths from prostate cancer in men with locally advanced cancer.

The trial changed medical guidelines and practice in Europe and North America and, following the study, NICE guidelines now advise that 100% of patients suitable for radiotherapy must be offered it.

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The Innovation and Impact Awards Competition is organised under the auspices of Cardiff University Innovation Network; the business/university network established in 1996. The Awards are an opportunity for Cardiff University academic staff to showcase their innovative collaborations with business and other non-academic organisations, demonstrating the positive impact that universities can have on economy and society.